WNA Holiday Awards Dinner at the San Jose Hilton!

I am a member of an incredible and inspiring women’s group called the Women’s Networking Alliance (WNA) It was founded by Debbie Quintana about 4 years ago, in her living room with a group of women business owners  looking for camaraderie. Now the WNA is going national with 12 chapters already started and being formed. For more information go to the WNA website.     

On Thursday , December 3rd, the Women’s Networking Alliance founding chapter had their annual awards dinner at the San Jose Hilton. I jumped at the opportunity to coordinate this event so that my fellow WNA members could enjoy a beautiful and relaxing evening.     

Here are some photos of the ladies and some of the details that I had fun dreaming up!     

Thanks so much to all the professionals that helped me put all of this together to create a fab event 🙂     


San Jose Hilton     

Menu Cards/Table cards/Invitations      

Cara Laine of Sleepy Hedgehog Press     


Natti Pierce-Thomson of North American Theatre Technology     


Above The Law     


Provided by Gourmet Gifts      


Kellye Clifford of Precious & Blooming     

Caricature Artist     

Jon Casey     

Event Coordinator     

Amy Frugoli of Twitterpated Weddings     


Sharon Garza     


The ladies of WNA - Chapter 111


Some decor:     

I created this WNA decor for the buffet table



Menu cards by Cara Laine of Sleepy Hedgehog Press


Cake by my talented friend, Sharon




Floral design/lighting by Precious & Blooming, North American Theatre Technology


Blue table decor


Blue lighting and moving snowflakes


WNA collected donations for Second Harvest Food Bank and Sacred Heart Community Center





Caricature artist Jon Casey capturing the guests in a playful way


Snowflakes! Lighting and decor




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