The house that the wedding coordinator built

This is something I hear often when brides and grooms come to me for a consultation or send me an email inquiring about my services:

“We have already chosen all of our vendors and picked our venue AND we are very organized so we really don’t need much. Just someone to be there on the day of the wedding and help us plan out the day.”

Sure it sounds simple when you think that is all there is to it, but that is just not how it is in reality. Actually, those are usually the easier parts…the most challenging  parts of planning a wedding haven’t even begun yet!

I was trying to think of a way to explain it wherein couples could relate. So here was one version that may put things into perspective:

You are building a house (having a wedding). You have bought the wood(venue), the tools (vendors) and have an idea of what you want your house to look like(your vision). But does that mean that the hard part is over??

Heck no!

 Let’s start with…Do you have the right permits(Have you read through all the vendor/venue contracts for any surprises) ? Is the land you want to build on safe (Do you have a plan “B”) ? Is your frame structurally sound (Will your guests be comfortable in the space)? The blueprints (timeline) have to be created based on all the variables and teams of people who are involved. Once you have the blue prints (timeline), is your construction crew, electrician, plumber, etc. all on the same page (Have the vendors been contacted and given a timeline)?  Do they have a contact person who knows what they, and all these other crew members, are doing? Can they adjust as needed and remind you of the details you overlooked? Your wedding coordinator handles all those tasks and issues plus more!

Finally, the actual building of the house needs to be done! Don’t you want someone who has built tons of houses already to oversee this?  

All those tools and ideas mean nothing if the house doesn’t get built the right way. It’s just a pile of wood…

…or Legos…if that’s YOUR vision 😉


2 thoughts on “The house that the wedding coordinator built

  1. Nicely said, Amy.

    More than anyone else, you understand the bride and groom’s vision for their celebration. While all the experts involved have their own specialties to handle, your job is clearly the most extensive, and your responsibilities are the most comprehensive.

    As a musician, I’m inclined to think of your job as similar to an orchestra conductor’s, who prepares, inspires, and coordinates dozens of musicians to produce a smooth, beautiful performance. However, your example of building a house is much clearer and easier to grasp.

    Good one!

  2. Thanks Robbie. I think the conductor is another great example…I have used that one before, as well as the coach of a sports team, a director on a movie set, and some others, but the house one seems to hit home 😉

    Thank you for your support as always 🙂

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