Cody & York Part Deux ~ The “Fun” Factor

This is the second part to my Cody and York wedding blog –  also known as the fun photos! 

Of course photographer Christine Otte captured all of the elegant and serious moments as well, but I thought it would be interesting to showcase the silliness and good-hearted fun we all had. There are a FEW serious ones as well for the true romantics 😉 

I knew we were a perfect match and I think you will see why. Enjoy… and I hope you smile a time or two as well 🙂  














I have the cheesiest smile ever. I was grinning ear to ear all day!



One thought on “Cody & York Part Deux ~ The “Fun” Factor

  1. This looks like a beautiful and fun wedding!! Love the bride with her eyes crossed! It’s one of the funniest, yet still beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen! And the groom with the flowers is hilarious – floral arrangements are a serious matter 🙂 LOL!

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