Jenny & Tony are married! Sept 27th, St. Anthony’s Church / Longbranch Saloon

I have been working with this couple (and their families) for almost a year and I have to say it was a wedding that was near and dear to my heart. Along the journey, I got to know the couple very well and shared a lot of laughs (and some tears as well). This was one of those weddings where there were little snags around every corner of the planning.

Jenny kept a great attitude through every unexpected twist, turn and road bump. One thing she did do – she took my suggestions and advice very seriously … a wedding consultant’s dream.

 Jenny and Tony had so many unique elements throughout the wedding and reception and Jenny was NOT going to let this day fly by in a blur…she held a small video camera with her bouquet while walking down the aisle, she took photos from her POV with a small camera she kept on her all night, and she took a few key moments to just stop and scan the room from one side to the other to really “see” everyone and everything.

The couple did everything right on the day of their wedding from having a great breakfast, surrounding themselves with friends willing to do everything possible to make their day perfect,  not letting anything get to them and just plain enjoyed their day!

This was a western sunflower theme wedding that will make you say  “Yeeeeeee Hawwwwwww!”

Enjoy some pics I took 🙂

Thank you to the wonderful team of vendors I had the pleasure of working on this wedding with!

Venue: Longbranch Saloon & Farms

Catering: Crystal Springs Catering

DJ: BluEdge Productions

Desserts: Cake/Cupcakes by Jen’s Cakes (Pies from Trader Joes)

Photography: Tinywater Photography


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