Twitterpated Weddings voted 2011 San Jose Mercury News Best Wedding Planner in Silicon Valley!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been named “Best Wedding Planner in Silicon Valley” by The San Jose Mercury News for the second year in a row! Click here for the write up. 🙂

I definitely don’t do the most weddings each year and I certainly don’t specialize in high-end, platinum weddings. I don’t design a wedding with the intention of making it look like a over-the-top photo shoot (unless that is what the client wants) or let my ideas take over the couples’ vision of their day.

What I DO do is take on the weddings that are good matches, personality wise, both for the client AND myself, regardless of whether the event is in a park, backyard, or ballroom. I have respect for my clients’ ideas, thoughts and choices. I gently steer them towards other options if I know for a fact an idea is a bad one but always let them have the final say. I try to match them with the right vendors, keep them on budget, and keep them grounded (and ALWAYS with a smile).

A Happy Team: Me, the newly married couple & their photographer (Jeanine Brown)

Also, something equally important to me, when working with other wedding professionals on a wedding or event I treat them with respect.  I
make sure they have all the tools they need to do the best job they can in order to give the client the best experience possible. Making someone look better
while standing in the shadows is ok with me; I love seeing people’s true potential shine through. There is enough talent to go around!

I love my wedding industry colleagues, I really do. I came into the wedding & event industry late in the game, yet I was welcomed with open arms by most industry people. A few in particular have really been strong supporters, friends, and mentors (they know who they are). I accepted board positions in both the event industry and small business community because I felt like I had something to contribute and learn. I have no doubt that I have the constant support of my fellow members of The Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants and The Women’s Networking Alliance.

Thank you Silicon Valley voters. I am honored and humbled and will continue to run my business with strong ethics and honesty while nurturing those around me and making my clients feel like a million bucks. I have never been, and never will, be anything other than the authentic Amy Frugoli: what you see is what you get. Winning this award tells me that is good enough!


2 thoughts on “Twitterpated Weddings voted 2011 San Jose Mercury News Best Wedding Planner in Silicon Valley!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Amy. This is an honor you richly deserve. As long as vision, inspiration, attention to detail, and hard work count in the voting, you should stay in the running a good long time. It’s always a pleasure to work with you, and that ought to count, as well.

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