My 2012 weddings AKA The recap! (Part 1, Jan-March) Mountain Winery, The Clement Monterey, Carmel Weddings

I really dropped the ball on blogging in 2012 so I wanted to get some of the goodness out there in the blogoverse. Here are some of my favorite things and/or favorite photos from some of my 2012 weddings. I have fallen in love with all the weddings I have worked on and all the couples I have worked with, but 2012 was a particularly epic year with couples that seemed to be a perfect fit. I also had the chance to work with some of the best vendors that were a joy to partner with and get to know.

Happy 2013 and enjoy some of my 2012 memories 🙂

(Broken into several parts/ blog posts because I added more than I thought to each post…not as easy to choose as I thought it would be!)


Sarah & Will got married in January at The Mountain Winery and  the thing I remember most is that is was COLD. I believe in the 40’s…brrrrr…But you would never know it by the photos because the girls, even in their sleeveless chiffon dresses, were troopers during the formal shots taken outside. It did however lead to some great outtake shots of the dresses and hair whipping around.

And of course I love this pic I took of photographer Todd Rafolovich getting his shots 🙂

One element I really loved was the use of tangerines for escort cards, it was a great natural element and when guests brought them to their seats, Boom! …instant color and decor at the tables to add to the existing centerpieces of candles surrounded by oranges.

I also loved the billowy tent the ceremony was in with simple topiary at the front

Sweet shots


Sabrina & Joe got married at the fantastic Intercontinental The Clement Monterey in March. Rain meant Plan B, but as I always say, sometimes Plan B ends up being a blessing in disguise. Awesome pics, more intimacy. and everyone pulling together to make the best of things…things usually end up being better than planned!

I always have this black and white umbrella in my Twitterpatedmobile and I always love how it looks in photos.

One of my fave shots, I took myself, of couple with said umbrella

The rain also led the professional photographer, Tom O’Neil of TGO Photo, to some interesting places indoors that he wasn’t planning on. He wasn’t expecting it, but he stumbled across a black light mini golf course and candy store which equaled unique and fun photos.

My favorite part of the Clement Monterey, hands down, is the stairway with the jellyfish chandelier, glowing lights on the walls with soft, watery music playing. I always spend a couple extra seconds there when I am running back and forth up and down the stairs just taking it all in. It was the spot for the first look for this wedding as well as a million other group shots and a few shots of just the couple at the end of the night.

Here are a few taken by Tom and myself.

Yes that is me holding the frame in this one 🙂

I took this one too which was one of my faves since it really summed up how down for anything this couple was. I mean, I have seen couples follow photographers crazy directions for a great photo opportunities, but when I told them to lie down because I had an idea for a shot, they just did it, no questions asked. Now only if I took better pics this would have been amazeballs. But still glad I got the shot 🙂

And here are just some cool shots from Tom and myself that I had to throw in here…there were just SO many great ones

First Look reactions

They do!

Cotton Candy late night sweets in the lounge by Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats

Burning up the dance floor

Photobooth fun


Amy & Ken called me from out of state and hired me over the phone for their Carmel wedding at Rancho Canada in March. She works for a popular national magazine and he is a movie director and works on lighting and production. To say they were bringing their own crew in was an understatement. They had friends who were professional photographers, videographer, musicians, emcees, an actor/friend as their officiant and theycreated almost everything on their own. From centerpieces, the cake topper, escort cards, directional signage, it was all them… and they even hung their own string lights for some ambiance. The great thing was, this was by no means a “platinum” overdone, overpriced, over budgeted wedding. It was simple, low maintenance, personal and , well, just plain fun and comfortable for everyone. It rained so the ceremony was moved inside, but that just meant we got to improvise and that, my friends, is what actors and wedding coordinators do best 😉

Of course my absolute favorite thing was the programs…they made these themselves (of course) to look like movie posters and I even got credits as “A Twitterpated Weddings Production”  I may or may not have this framed in my office 🙂

They had a dictionary for guests to circle a word and sign their names by. The words could be something to describe the bride and groom, special words, inside jokes, etc. But it got pretty darn funny and even a little risqué’ it was a BLAST to look at. Great idea indeed.

They had cupcakes and Psycho Donuts (brought all the way from Campbell) for their dessert table! Psycho donuts!!! Yesssss.

Amy made the cake topper herself,  a fair likeness of her and Ken.

I even found these little typewriter keys with their initials to put on their cupcakes

Cheeky bride

Planking Bride and friends

Rock and roll

Thug life

A surprise fencing dual during toasts

Right before the first look, Love this!

Ceremony in background of head table

My famous black and white umbrella again

Just love this shot

Fun signs

My absolute favorite. The photographers staged this shot and the groom post produced it and filled in the monsters to create this masterpiece!

Coming soon….some more weddings from 2012! Thanks for looking at my joy 🙂


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