Muted mixed metallics table design by Twitterpated Weddings at The Stuart Rental Company showroom

I had the chance to create a table display at The Stuart Rental Company (Milpitas location) showroom. I chose to do a table mixing natural elements like wood and metals to create an interesting table with lots of texture.

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Read the interview with me and Stuart Party Rentals below:

Getting to Know Amy Frugoli of Twitterpated Weddings

We recently had the pleasure of having Amy Frugoli visit our Milpitas showroom, where she designed a beautiful table featuring  Amy’s wedding planning and design company, Twitterpated Weddings, has an excellent reputation based on extensive professional knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm, and a boundless sense of creativity. We jumped at the chance to interview Amy so we could get an inside look at the driving force behind Twitterpated Weddings.

1. What was your inspiration for this particular table design?

A: What haven’t I seen before? How can I mix textures and incorporate my style without being too overwhelming?

Twitterpated Wood and Metal Harvest Table

2. Is there a particular item you started with (i.e. linens, china)?

A: I started with the harvest/farm table and thought about what I could do to stay as far away from the whole mason jar, country chic, vintage farm look. When I saw the new chargers (half silver, half copper) I KNEW I had to work around those. Love them! Then I thought that adding the chevron runners under the plates instead of down the middle to expose the wood would be cool to really have the “metal” pieces stand out against the natural earthiness of the wood. I used vases and props from my personal collection for the décor/centerpieces.

3. What kind of event/s do you see this table design being used for?

A: Definitely a wedding, but with the metals, it could easily be an anniversary party, shower or birthday party. I love that it is gender neutral so it works for anyone. It is also color neutral so simply change the color of the flowers or napkins and you can completely change the look of it to customize your event.

Twitterpated Table Design With Charger

(To view more of Amy’s table design, visit our Muted Metallics album on Facebook)

4. How would you describe your design style?

A: I am hugely inspired by Tim Burton in everything in my life so it bleeds into my design a lot. I always try to find a way to incorporate some Burton like influences (like some stripes or swirls) when possible. (Especially black and white!)

I like really unexpected elements, things that are a little off kilter, mixing textures and layers and staggered heights. I will always see if there is a way to hang or suspend things from above to give some depth to a design. Everything I do has purpose or an intent, so the longer you look at my designs, the more you can read into it and you will realize something like “Oh, she folded the napkin that way for a reason” Nothing is every thrown together or placed without thought behind it. I will turn something sideways, upside down and inside out to achieve the right aesthetic.

Twitterpated Black and White Round TableTwitterpated Black and White Table Setting

5. What kind of questions do you ask before beginning to plan/style an event?

A: I have an entire process I go through including a detailed questionnaire and looking at their inspiration likes/dislikes. I have used Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and their wedding websites to pull from in the past. I like to find the common underlying style they have, then kick it up a notch by throwing in some interesting and unexpected elements or colors.

6. What is your favorite aspect of the work you do?

A: Creative freedom feels amazing. Even if the client wants something very specific and it may not necessarily be my style, there is always an opportunity to add some personal touches to it. My favorite thing to hear from a client is “We trust you, do what you think is best” Ah, music to my ears because I will make it look amazing 😉 I never get tired of seeing a plan start with some scribbles, continue on a worksheet, and then finally being executed on the wedding/event day. I love seeing the client’s faces when it all comes together and they see it completed for the first time. My smile is always as big as theirs!

7. What was the theme of one of your favorite recent projects?

A: I worked on the most amazing wedding last season that was held at an old theatre. The theme was Old Hollywood Glamour and it was a FULL on production. Vintage furniture brought in, a silk aerialist performing during dinner, a black and white checker dance floor, sexy lace overlays on the tables and tons of props all over the theatre. I kept the ceremony simple with the focus on the giant red curtain of the theater behind the bride and groom the main focal point. The cocktail hour was classic black and white with barstools at the built in bar and vintage lounge furniture, then BOOM , the reception hit the guests like a ton of bricks with bold colors, engaging entertainment and dramatic over the top designs.

8. How do you keep inspired, how do you stay motivated?

A: I pull inspiration from everyday life because my mind just doesn’t stop. I went to Yosemite and came back and designed a Yosemite inspired table the next week.

Twitterpated River and Woods TableTwitterpated River and Wood Table Settings

I have even designed a table around a pair of sunglasses I saw once!

9. What do you foresee trending in 2014?

A: So hard to tell. While I try to stay current and pay attention to new ideas, styles and trends – each client is unique and I work around that. What may be trendy to one may be out of date or too progressive for another. Sometimes things feel done to death (for us in the industry) but it may new and exciting to the client. I try to be excited for them no matter how I feel about it 😉


Amy’s passion for event designing is so tangible from her responses and we are honored to have her to collaborate with. It has been fascinating to glean a glimpse of the process that goes into planning such special events and the details involved in creating a unique experience for every person. Please visit the Twitterpated Facebook and website to learn more about Amy and her wedding services.

One more big thank you to Amy, and we hope to see you back in the showroom very soon!