Planning a wedding without a planner? Take a look at the “Whirlybird” and “Early Bird” services from Twitterpated Weddings.

Twitterpated Weddings offers many different types of services from wedding day management to full service & design. However, we also offer something for couples who decide, for whatever reason, they don’t need a wedding coordinator throughout their planning or on their wedding day.

Although we are happy to meet for consultations with couples at any point in their planning, these are the two most crucial points and the ones we get the most inquiries for:

The Whirlybird: For the last few weeks before your wedding to make sure nothing got missed and pull all your hard work and planning together.

The Early Bird: For the beginning of your planning process to get you on the right track



“The Whirlybird” is a “whirl” of info in a jam-packed planning session!
This is a single consultation meeting ,usually 2 to 4 weeks from the day of the wedding.
We will go over all the details of your wedding and plans you have so far. We can offer last-minute advice, help sort out your priorities, create to-do lists and give you any remaining vendor referrals.

You will leave this meeting with a list of anything you may have overlooked as well as a list of tasks that should be completed ASAP.

Just imagine how much more at ease you will feel knowing if you are on track …and if not, how to get there! This is valuable service for couples who can use a bit of
help towards the final stretch of their engagement and wedding planning.



Appropriately called, “The Early Bird”, we can also offer the same type of meeting at the BEGINNING stages of your planning to put you on track right from the start. Vendor referrals, to-do lists, prioritizing…basically a wedding planning compass .We simply give you the info and tools, you run with it. Easy as pie.

Meetings are up to two hours long and are held at the Twitterpated Weddings office in South San Jose. You may find that you do want to hire a coordinator after all, or maybe you don’t, either way, there is NEVER pressure to do so and you are never under any obligation to use Twitterpated Weddings for anything else.  It is just a service to make your life a little easier. Promise!

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