Ashley & Matthew’s Princess Bride-Inspired Fairytale Wedding

Some of the most amazing photos I have seen. So lucky to have been a part if this wedding. One of my favorite couples to work with 🙂

Wild About You Photography


Once upon a time, a bright-eyed young couple from the city of angels stumbled upon a mystical kingdom called Nestldown. Tucked amid the Santa Cruz Mountains, this wonderland boasted rolling meadows, towering redwoods, curious woodland creatures, waterfalls, and a koi pond, as well as a hobbit-sized home and an abandoned dragon’s lair. They hopped aboard the small train that looped the grounds for a tour.

“This is the place!” they proclaimed jubilantly. “This is where our two hearts will become one!”

As it transpired, we had the good fortune to be present for their extraordinary day. When we arrived, Matthew and his groomsmen were tidying up the cozy cottage in case the hobbit returned from an epic journey. Afterward, he presented them with custom railroad spike bottle openers in appreciation of their friendship. Matthew cleaned up nicely, channeling Prince Charming in a slim gray tuxedo.

Meanwhile, six bridesmaids in raspberry-colored…

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Muted mixed metallics table design by Twitterpated Weddings at The Stuart Rental Company showroom

I had the chance to create a table display at The Stuart Rental Company (Milpitas location) showroom. I chose to do a table mixing natural elements like wood and metals to create an interesting table with lots of texture.

64312_10151932280758506_1131714929_n 1535519_10151932280788506_294980801_n 1557516_10151932281508506_266488482_n 1618613_10151932282593506_703396384_n 942488_10151932282393506_840414436_n 1601242_10151932282498506_1453912396_n 1545868_10151932282458506_1902783341_n 1546063_10151932282133506_381347066_n 10195_10151864892892045_179724453_n 1545172_10151864896177045_399734432_n 1545172_10151864896182045_295965403_n 1606946_10151864914892045_858006141_n 1522452_10151864920462045_1109237893_o

Read the interview with me and Stuart Party Rentals below:

Getting to Know Amy Frugoli of Twitterpated Weddings

We recently had the pleasure of having Amy Frugoli visit our Milpitas showroom, where she designed a beautiful table featuring  Amy’s wedding planning and design company, Twitterpated Weddings, has an excellent reputation based on extensive professional knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm, and a boundless sense of creativity. We jumped at the chance to interview Amy so we could get an inside look at the driving force behind Twitterpated Weddings.

1. What was your inspiration for this particular table design?

A: What haven’t I seen before? How can I mix textures and incorporate my style without being too overwhelming?

Twitterpated Wood and Metal Harvest Table

2. Is there a particular item you started with (i.e. linens, china)?

A: I started with the harvest/farm table and thought about what I could do to stay as far away from the whole mason jar, country chic, vintage farm look. When I saw the new chargers (half silver, half copper) I KNEW I had to work around those. Love them! Then I thought that adding the chevron runners under the plates instead of down the middle to expose the wood would be cool to really have the “metal” pieces stand out against the natural earthiness of the wood. I used vases and props from my personal collection for the décor/centerpieces.

3. What kind of event/s do you see this table design being used for?

A: Definitely a wedding, but with the metals, it could easily be an anniversary party, shower or birthday party. I love that it is gender neutral so it works for anyone. It is also color neutral so simply change the color of the flowers or napkins and you can completely change the look of it to customize your event.

Twitterpated Table Design With Charger

(To view more of Amy’s table design, visit our Muted Metallics album on Facebook)

4. How would you describe your design style?

A: I am hugely inspired by Tim Burton in everything in my life so it bleeds into my design a lot. I always try to find a way to incorporate some Burton like influences (like some stripes or swirls) when possible. (Especially black and white!)

I like really unexpected elements, things that are a little off kilter, mixing textures and layers and staggered heights. I will always see if there is a way to hang or suspend things from above to give some depth to a design. Everything I do has purpose or an intent, so the longer you look at my designs, the more you can read into it and you will realize something like “Oh, she folded the napkin that way for a reason” Nothing is every thrown together or placed without thought behind it. I will turn something sideways, upside down and inside out to achieve the right aesthetic.

Twitterpated Black and White Round TableTwitterpated Black and White Table Setting

5. What kind of questions do you ask before beginning to plan/style an event?

A: I have an entire process I go through including a detailed questionnaire and looking at their inspiration likes/dislikes. I have used Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and their wedding websites to pull from in the past. I like to find the common underlying style they have, then kick it up a notch by throwing in some interesting and unexpected elements or colors.

6. What is your favorite aspect of the work you do?

A: Creative freedom feels amazing. Even if the client wants something very specific and it may not necessarily be my style, there is always an opportunity to add some personal touches to it. My favorite thing to hear from a client is “We trust you, do what you think is best” Ah, music to my ears because I will make it look amazing 😉 I never get tired of seeing a plan start with some scribbles, continue on a worksheet, and then finally being executed on the wedding/event day. I love seeing the client’s faces when it all comes together and they see it completed for the first time. My smile is always as big as theirs!

7. What was the theme of one of your favorite recent projects?

A: I worked on the most amazing wedding last season that was held at an old theatre. The theme was Old Hollywood Glamour and it was a FULL on production. Vintage furniture brought in, a silk aerialist performing during dinner, a black and white checker dance floor, sexy lace overlays on the tables and tons of props all over the theatre. I kept the ceremony simple with the focus on the giant red curtain of the theater behind the bride and groom the main focal point. The cocktail hour was classic black and white with barstools at the built in bar and vintage lounge furniture, then BOOM , the reception hit the guests like a ton of bricks with bold colors, engaging entertainment and dramatic over the top designs.

8. How do you keep inspired, how do you stay motivated?

A: I pull inspiration from everyday life because my mind just doesn’t stop. I went to Yosemite and came back and designed a Yosemite inspired table the next week.

Twitterpated River and Woods TableTwitterpated River and Wood Table Settings

I have even designed a table around a pair of sunglasses I saw once!

9. What do you foresee trending in 2014?

A: So hard to tell. While I try to stay current and pay attention to new ideas, styles and trends – each client is unique and I work around that. What may be trendy to one may be out of date or too progressive for another. Sometimes things feel done to death (for us in the industry) but it may new and exciting to the client. I try to be excited for them no matter how I feel about it 😉


Amy’s passion for event designing is so tangible from her responses and we are honored to have her to collaborate with. It has been fascinating to glean a glimpse of the process that goes into planning such special events and the details involved in creating a unique experience for every person. Please visit the Twitterpated Facebook and website to learn more about Amy and her wedding services.

One more big thank you to Amy, and we hope to see you back in the showroom very soon!

Twitterpated Weddings Memorable Moments of 2013

We had a big season last year! Thank you to everyone for their support and to anyone who was any part of any of our amazing weddings. I put together a list of some of my favorite Twitterpated Weddings moments from 2013. There are so many more, but this was a fun walk thru last year for me. Hope it is for you too. Enjoy!

2 brides = 2 wedding dresses, 2 bouquets and even better… 2 bouquet tosses (Which landed smack dab in the middle of a guest table right on the centerpiece! )


Photo by BellaLu Photography

The groomsmen ordering pizza to be delivered to the church before the ceremony for everyone to enjoy (do you know how much I LOVE pizza?!)

Funky golf socks for the guys to take as favors (Gals got pashminas)

Spinning cake on gears (Motorized for your spinning pleasure)

Fire dancer, post ceremony. You know I gotta say it, it was HOT!

Super cute escort card display with the MOST photographed seahorse ever (He made several appearances throughout the night!)


EVERYTHING about this old theatre wedding with an old Hollywood Glamour theme. Old cars, a silk aerialist performance, a checkerboard dance floor, vintage furniture rentals… this wedding was a masterpiece!

And had the most amazing cake I have ever seen at a wedding

Giant Bubbles! Giant Jenga! Yes, please!

Photo by BellaLu Photography

Photo by BellaLu Photography

Psycho Donuts instead of cake. Out. Of. Control.

This elegant bride put a blue streak in her hair on her wedding day for her “Something Blue”
Photo by Patrick Ang

Flower girls in big bright tutus

Earthy fun dessert table. Pie pops, cookies, cupcakes…éclairs. Yum!

Lotus flower shaped napkin fold on lily pad for a Monet themed wedding (The MOB folded all these SOBs 😉

Color changing lit up jellyfish hotel décor



Twitterpated Weddings featured on BellaLu Photography’s Blog

I just looked at the last time I blogged, and…OUCH…January?? So I need to get something up here to show that I am still here, still kickin’ and still in business. It has been a BUSY year and it is already looking like next year is going to be even busier. Yay for the lucky couples who got married and were “twitterpated”, Boo for letting my blog posts fall to the wayside.

So to get something up here quickly, I am going to cheat and post another person’s blog post. Ok, well, it IS a spotlight on ME from BellaLu Photography , so it’s not exactly cheating. Enjoy and I promise to get some more posts up soon from the  2013 season.

Click here to go to BellaLu Photography’s blog or read the post below!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spotlight on Amy Frugoli-Twitterpated Weddings

For about oh 9 months I’ve been wanting to start a spotlight series featuring Bay Area wedding vendors. I think to a degree we are all ignorant to so much of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a kick butt wedding-I know Nate and I had no clue how multifaceted the process is (totally outside of photography which is complicated enough). We’ve made it a point to familiarize ourselves with the workflows and experiences of all of our fellow wedding vendors which has made us more equipped to successfully jive with the flow of the wedding and better serve our clients.
I think a common misconception is “you charge that much for an 8 hour wedding!?!!?!??” which is SO FAR from reality. I know I speak for many wedding professionals when I say the chunk of time spent on the actual wedding day is probably the smallest amount of time spent working the complete wedding itself. For photographers (and videographers) much of the process doesn’t even begin until after our couples have jet-setted to some crazy awesome island and are well into their 5th cocktail.
So to kick off this series I visited one of my all time favorite wedding coordinators Amy Frugoli of Twitterpated Weddings. I caught up with her at her office where she not only runs her wedding design company but also manages an adorable food truck Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats with  co-creator Adrienne San Filippo.
What do you look for in a couple who you might work with?
Someone realistic, open minded-someone who understands the value of what I (and other vendors) do. I definitely seem to draw couples who are a little quirky and unique. Their style doesn’t matter half as much as their attitude. It’s a wedding! Have fun! Be flexible! And trust your vendor team.
What’s the best/word part of your job?
The best part of my job is taking the couples ideas, seeing them clearly in my head (even when they don’t) and executing them. I love exceeding what they envisioned. I love the relationships that are built and how they trust me. The worst part is trying to fall asleep the night before-and my sore feet the day after 🙂
Did you hire a wedding planner at your wedding? Why or why not ?
Um….no….and that actually really fueled my desire to do this. The site coordinator did a good job-the best she could do-but my wedding had so many personal details and so much got missed. I wish I had a coordinator to help me put together a better timeline, to refer better vendors and prioritize where to spend my money based on what was important to us. (um, WHY didn’t anyone  tell me I would regret not having a videographer??!!!)  My wedding was fun,  however, there are so many things I look back on and shake my head knowing better now…photos of important things got missed, the cake was not the quality or design I REALLY wanted, the dj didn’t really pay attention to some of our requests or take the time to really learn who everyone in the bridal party was etc, etc. We looked for inexpensive over quality and I regret those things…a lot!
Wedding planners are expensive-is it really worth it? How much should one expect to spend on a great one?
Wedding planners have one of the craziest jobs ever. We end up being a huge resource for the couple and besides their parents, quite possibly, no one cares as much about our couples’ weddings more than us! We live for weddings!  Once we become involved, we are all in. Phone calls, emails, texts…calming a bride down, helping a groom plan a surprise getaway car, timelines, checklists, dealing with families, etiquette and traditions. Plus working with vendors to make sure they have what THEY need and communicating with them. Rehearsal, set up, wedding day management , clean up, follow up…and that’s just if everything goes to plan! If not, problem solving and using our resources. SO many hours, ideas, decisions…we are there through out all of it as a sounding board, support system and a trusted, unbiased confidant. Like I said, some people see our value and get it. Some never will so I never try to convince them.
If you are paying less than $2000 minimum (for a basic wedding day management package) there is probably a reason. You pay for the experience, training (and past mistakes) that we all have to go through to become seasoned and natural and great at what we do.

What’s the biggest financial expectation you help your clients understand?
There is a HUGE difference between cheap vendors and vendors with great value. There is the “wedding you want” and a “price you want to pay” and you have to give in on one side or another to get to that happy place.
Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
Maybe expanding my business. I am hiring someone for the first time since I started my business which is a huge deal for me. The plan is to teach and mentor others so I can have the opportunity to do new things. I really love watching others learn, grow and succeed so continuing to be a resource in the industry is a goal.
Then again, a reality TV show would be fun too… 😉
Thank you Amy for being a rockstar and letting me stalk you for a day 🙂
If there’s someone you’d like to see spotlighted email!

Planning a wedding without a planner? Take a look at the “Whirlybird” and “Early Bird” services from Twitterpated Weddings.

Twitterpated Weddings offers many different types of services from wedding day management to full service & design. However, we also offer something for couples who decide, for whatever reason, they don’t need a wedding coordinator throughout their planning or on their wedding day.

Although we are happy to meet for consultations with couples at any point in their planning, these are the two most crucial points and the ones we get the most inquiries for:

The Whirlybird: For the last few weeks before your wedding to make sure nothing got missed and pull all your hard work and planning together.

The Early Bird: For the beginning of your planning process to get you on the right track



“The Whirlybird” is a “whirl” of info in a jam-packed planning session!
This is a single consultation meeting ,usually 2 to 4 weeks from the day of the wedding.
We will go over all the details of your wedding and plans you have so far. We can offer last-minute advice, help sort out your priorities, create to-do lists and give you any remaining vendor referrals.

You will leave this meeting with a list of anything you may have overlooked as well as a list of tasks that should be completed ASAP.

Just imagine how much more at ease you will feel knowing if you are on track …and if not, how to get there! This is valuable service for couples who can use a bit of
help towards the final stretch of their engagement and wedding planning.



Appropriately called, “The Early Bird”, we can also offer the same type of meeting at the BEGINNING stages of your planning to put you on track right from the start. Vendor referrals, to-do lists, prioritizing…basically a wedding planning compass .We simply give you the info and tools, you run with it. Easy as pie.

Meetings are up to two hours long and are held at the Twitterpated Weddings office in South San Jose. You may find that you do want to hire a coordinator after all, or maybe you don’t, either way, there is NEVER pressure to do so and you are never under any obligation to use Twitterpated Weddings for anything else.  It is just a service to make your life a little easier. Promise!

Please contact us for more info at

Na Young and Tim are married! Private residence wedding in Campbell

Na Young and Tim hired me for reception coordination so I didn’t have a chance to see the ceremony that took place in Santa Cruz overlooking the ocean, but from the photographs taken by Urban Shutter Bug, it looked beautiful!

I loved all the natural elements in the decor for this wedding. We used blue ticking linen, burlap, twine and natural vegetation in most of the decorating with some crates, paper lanterns and some unique DIY items in the mix.

This is an example of a private residence reception. We took a small space that had never been used for a wedding before and turned it into a party! Don’t be fooled though, it isn’t easy to do and requires a lot of planning, lots of challenges to overcome and lots of extra hands and supplies brought in to make this kind of event work.

We think it came out pretty cool though and hope you do too!

Escort Cards

Cake table

Cocktail hour nummies

Guest tables & decor

Buffet table & menu

Kids table complete with bags of cotton candy!

The couple walking in to their reception!

Group photo

Although we didn’t help with the ceremony coordination, here are some great shots of it!


Reception planning and coordination: Twitterpated Weddings 🙂

Photography: Urban Shutter Bug Photography

Food: Andy’s BBQ

Cake: Icing on The Cake

Hair: Roze Johnson of Oebius Salon

Flowers: By Madeline Trait

Linen/rentals: Williams Party Rentals

Roze and Kyle are married! Michael’s On Main, Soquel Wedding

Roze and Kyle got married at Michael’s on Main in Soquel and had plenty of creative DIY elements. The overall theme was Alice In Wonderland and guests were encouraged to dress in their steampunk attire. It was jackets, top hats and bustiers galore!

I actually met Roze when she came shopping at the bridal store I was working at. I helped her choose a wedding dress that she loved (of course she had it modified a bit to fit her theme) and we clicked right away. A few months down the line she contacted me to help with her wedding planning and coordination. I was very excited to help with her and Kyle’s wedding in Wonderland – you will know why when you see all the fun elements below!

So…enter here…or there…

Guests were greeted by this sign:

Ceremony decor


Amazing bustle and corset added to the dress, custom for Roze!

How cool is this?

Another one of the bride’s personal touches

EAT ME cake complete with teacup on top

The sun was shining on them during their first dance…perfect.

Me and the amazing bride!

Venue: Michael’s On Main

Master of Ceremonies: Jason Spencer of Spencer Entertainment

Cake: Gayle’s Bakery

Hair & Makeup: Oebius Salon

Allie and Garrick are married! Nestldown, Los Gatos Wedding

Allie & Garrick were married at the ever magical Nestldown in April 2012 and from the moment I met them, I knew we would have great fun. ESPECIALLY when they didn’t look at me like I was cray cray when I suggested black and white striped linen on their tall cocktail tables and actually chose to use them. I was  finally able to see some of my black and white stripe obsession come to life at a wedding! Woo Hoo!

A few well placed upgraded linens made a huge difference at the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. It just goes to show you don’t have to go overboard, but rather mix some standards and upgrades to get an interesting look.

~Sand ceremony table with textured overlay~

~Fun & bold stripes tied in with their pops of yellow and red accent colors~

~Shot glass escort cards…they were later filled with lemon drops for the toasts instead of champagne~

~The Sweetheart table and 2 flanking VIP tables had a special textured overlay over the same linens that the rest of the guests tables had.

A fun way to embellish the head tables without straying too far from the overall look~

~The amazing cakes from Studio Cake~

~A for Amy!

Ok ok, really for the newlyweds last name ;)~

~I know its done a lot but I love having a special touch at the bride and grooms seats, it never gets old to me~


Here are some shots from the professional photographer, Michael L’Heureux Photography

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

Allison & Garrick » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

Allison & Garrick » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

Allison & Garrick » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

2012 May » MICHAEL L'HEUREUX | PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding & Portrait Photography in California and beyond.

Venue – Nestldown

Coordinator – Amy Frugoli

Caterer – Thomas John Events

Photographer- Michael L’Heureux Photography

DJ – Paul Burchfield Big Fun DJs

Bakery – Studio Cake

Florist – Precious and Blooming

Hair & Make-up – A Perfect Look

Officiant – Tara Menefee

My 2012 weddings AKA The recap! (Part 1, Jan-March) Mountain Winery, The Clement Monterey, Carmel Weddings

I really dropped the ball on blogging in 2012 so I wanted to get some of the goodness out there in the blogoverse. Here are some of my favorite things and/or favorite photos from some of my 2012 weddings. I have fallen in love with all the weddings I have worked on and all the couples I have worked with, but 2012 was a particularly epic year with couples that seemed to be a perfect fit. I also had the chance to work with some of the best vendors that were a joy to partner with and get to know.

Happy 2013 and enjoy some of my 2012 memories 🙂

(Broken into several parts/ blog posts because I added more than I thought to each post…not as easy to choose as I thought it would be!)


Sarah & Will got married in January at The Mountain Winery and  the thing I remember most is that is was COLD. I believe in the 40’s…brrrrr…But you would never know it by the photos because the girls, even in their sleeveless chiffon dresses, were troopers during the formal shots taken outside. It did however lead to some great outtake shots of the dresses and hair whipping around.

And of course I love this pic I took of photographer Todd Rafolovich getting his shots 🙂

One element I really loved was the use of tangerines for escort cards, it was a great natural element and when guests brought them to their seats, Boom! …instant color and decor at the tables to add to the existing centerpieces of candles surrounded by oranges.

I also loved the billowy tent the ceremony was in with simple topiary at the front

Sweet shots


Sabrina & Joe got married at the fantastic Intercontinental The Clement Monterey in March. Rain meant Plan B, but as I always say, sometimes Plan B ends up being a blessing in disguise. Awesome pics, more intimacy. and everyone pulling together to make the best of things…things usually end up being better than planned!

I always have this black and white umbrella in my Twitterpatedmobile and I always love how it looks in photos.

One of my fave shots, I took myself, of couple with said umbrella

The rain also led the professional photographer, Tom O’Neil of TGO Photo, to some interesting places indoors that he wasn’t planning on. He wasn’t expecting it, but he stumbled across a black light mini golf course and candy store which equaled unique and fun photos.

My favorite part of the Clement Monterey, hands down, is the stairway with the jellyfish chandelier, glowing lights on the walls with soft, watery music playing. I always spend a couple extra seconds there when I am running back and forth up and down the stairs just taking it all in. It was the spot for the first look for this wedding as well as a million other group shots and a few shots of just the couple at the end of the night.

Here are a few taken by Tom and myself.

Yes that is me holding the frame in this one 🙂

I took this one too which was one of my faves since it really summed up how down for anything this couple was. I mean, I have seen couples follow photographers crazy directions for a great photo opportunities, but when I told them to lie down because I had an idea for a shot, they just did it, no questions asked. Now only if I took better pics this would have been amazeballs. But still glad I got the shot 🙂

And here are just some cool shots from Tom and myself that I had to throw in here…there were just SO many great ones

First Look reactions

They do!

Cotton Candy late night sweets in the lounge by Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats

Burning up the dance floor

Photobooth fun


Amy & Ken called me from out of state and hired me over the phone for their Carmel wedding at Rancho Canada in March. She works for a popular national magazine and he is a movie director and works on lighting and production. To say they were bringing their own crew in was an understatement. They had friends who were professional photographers, videographer, musicians, emcees, an actor/friend as their officiant and theycreated almost everything on their own. From centerpieces, the cake topper, escort cards, directional signage, it was all them… and they even hung their own string lights for some ambiance. The great thing was, this was by no means a “platinum” overdone, overpriced, over budgeted wedding. It was simple, low maintenance, personal and , well, just plain fun and comfortable for everyone. It rained so the ceremony was moved inside, but that just meant we got to improvise and that, my friends, is what actors and wedding coordinators do best 😉

Of course my absolute favorite thing was the programs…they made these themselves (of course) to look like movie posters and I even got credits as “A Twitterpated Weddings Production”  I may or may not have this framed in my office 🙂

They had a dictionary for guests to circle a word and sign their names by. The words could be something to describe the bride and groom, special words, inside jokes, etc. But it got pretty darn funny and even a little risqué’ it was a BLAST to look at. Great idea indeed.

They had cupcakes and Psycho Donuts (brought all the way from Campbell) for their dessert table! Psycho donuts!!! Yesssss.

Amy made the cake topper herself,  a fair likeness of her and Ken.

I even found these little typewriter keys with their initials to put on their cupcakes

Cheeky bride

Planking Bride and friends

Rock and roll

Thug life

A surprise fencing dual during toasts

Right before the first look, Love this!

Ceremony in background of head table

My famous black and white umbrella again

Just love this shot

Fun signs

My absolute favorite. The photographers staged this shot and the groom post produced it and filled in the monsters to create this masterpiece!

Coming soon….some more weddings from 2012! Thanks for looking at my joy 🙂

Yosemite Wedding ~ Yosemite Valley Chapel and Ahwahnee Hotel

It was by complete chance that I met bride-to-be Stephanie (as she likes to say, it was Serendipity) We just “clicked” and before you know it she and her finace’ Aaron had hired me for their destination wedding in Yosemite.

I hadn’t been to Yosemite since Winter 1986 so this was something I was very excited to do. The wedding was to be in October 2011 and I knew it would be amazing in the fall.

I met Stephanie and Aaron for our site visit at the Yosemite Valley Chapel and Ahwahnee Hotel in June 2011 and fell in love with Yosemite Valley!

I took some time to explore the valley a bit:

Me sitting in front of the Yosemite Valley Chapel

The view when you walk out of the chapel. Amazing!

Short hike to Lower Yosemite Falls

Fast forward to October and it is wedding time!

The colors and theme were centered around fall – orange, red, yellow and brown. There were a lot of natural elements including twigs, sticks, pinecones and moss. I had the most fun ever at this wedding partly because I heart this couple mucho, partly because I had an amazing team, and partly because Yosemite just takes my breath away. Enjoy some pics I took and a few that their photographer , Ken Kato, took. (His are the really awseome scenic ones and the ones with me in them 😉

The fab vendor team included:

DJ:  Jason Spencer of Spencer Weddings & Entertainment

Photographer: Ken Kato Photography

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Yosemite Valley Chapel/The Ahwahnee Hotel

Florist: Sweet Pickins

Cake: The Ahwahnee

Groom’s Cake & Cake pops: Sweet Tooth Confections

Table numbers,escort cards, invitations: Sleepy Hedgehog Press

Jewelry: One World Designs

Wedding in the cutest chapel – Yosemite Valley Chapel

This amazing Photo is by Ken Kato Photography

This amazing Photo is by Ken Kato Photography

Sweetheart table with a breathtaking background. Wow.

The wedding cake and grooms cake. The funny thing is I brought these tree trunks INTO Yosemite from Palo Alto. Who brings trees TO Yosemite??

EVERYTHING on this grooms cake was edible. Yes everything. Sweeet Tooth Confections is amazing!

Memorial candle

The fab couple, congratulations Stephanie and Aaron!

Fixing Stephanie’s dress and being a little silly (Photo by Ken Kato)

The bride and groom having some fun with me, my assistant and the DJ (Photo by Ken Kato)